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Tips on How to Entertain Yourself During a Meeting

Over the years, you have probably read innumerable essays on how to run meetings so that they are effective, productive, and informative. Regrettably, no one addresses how to initiate the meeting more enjoyable. Not for the group, but for you. It may be a group meeting, but that doesn’t suggest you should be an annoying hearing to sales projections, productivity records, or policy updates. Here are some tips on how to entertain yourself during a meeting. Click here to find out more beneficial working tips.


Remember that Seinfeld episode where George had a twitch in his eye and everyone thought he was winking? Winks are funny, at least for the “wink,” if not for the “wink.” Winks can be provocative, reassuring, and disturbing. If your boss says something like, “We need to reduce administrative costs by 20% this quarter.” Give one of your colleagues a knowing wink. When two colleagues disagree on an issue, give them both a subtle but separate wink. Every great power has its kryptonite.

Note Taking

One should be unusual of anyone who doesn’t take a pen and paper to a gathering. I don’t know why, except that it’s wrong. You, however, should practice too many notes. Start writing the moment someone starts talking.

Take notes during every conversation. If there is a break and no one is speaking, keep rewriting. This point is a good idea to stay alert throughout a meeting. Also, your bosses will praise you for taking the meeting thoughtfully, and your colleagues will tease you for taking it seriously.


It takes some practice to stare like you are winking, but once you get the hang of it, the fun meter will measure between 8-10. Psychostaring is unacceptable. What are the signs that you are psycho staring? You will usually hear someone screaming, someone holding a gun, someone wearing a lab coat or uniform, and then there are the metal handcuffs. You can stare without fear but pretend that you are thinking about something very important. If someone asks, it’s not really you who is staring. You are pondering. You just happen to be pondering.

Bathroom Break

For any meeting that lasts more than 15 minutes, it is crucial to take bathroom breaks. Every meeting that lasts more than 15 minutes must include at least one bathroom break. Even better is group bathroom breaks, as it takes about 10 minutes to get everyone back in the meeting.