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Greatest Video Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System

The UK finally got the console games in 1986. It surpassed several consoles of the 1980s, even reaching a staggering 61 million units worldwide. In Korea, it continued to be known as the Hyundai Comboy (which doesn’t leave the language along with the others). The Nintendo Entertainment System was initially summarized as a 16-bit entertainment application that required floppy disks and came with a console. Instead, we got a less expensive 8-bit machine that brought amazing cartridge games.

The result that the first Nintendo Entertainment System had on home and online entertainment companies are practically immeasurable. The Nintendo Entertainment System is the aging 8-bit god that started the home video game console craze. Not a lot of people know this but you can get a promo code for a gaming site.

Mega Man 2


Did you know that Mega Man, the character who was Capcom’s true mascot for a long interval, was originally supposed to appear in only one game?  The first Mega Man game didn’t provide one, and Capcom has just kicked off a sequel that implements it as an afterthought while focusing on other games.

Keiji Inafune claims that the team burned 20 hours a day and gave up their lives to make sure the game was finished in code. It’s also excellent what they did.  In Super Man 2, players can choose from several stages, each of which includes a full boss battle. Each time the player reaches an end-of-level supervisor, they collect that boss’s marker weapon, which they can use to take down certain levels, as well as the managers guarding them.

Mega Man 2 improves its gameplay at first by providing players with things to use, such as instances of energy, expanding the number of amounts to finish, and simply looking better. It is significantly more animated than the first game.

Legend of Zelda

Nintendo has been in the gaming industry more than many, and some of the favorite associations for decades. Many of these games (notably Metroid) are just sometimes pulled from the Nintendo vault, although others (notably Mario and The Legend of Zelda) are the stalwarts that carry the Nintendo animated bandwagon through the ages. Announcing the next Mario game is normal, but announcing another Zelda game is a major event. It makes these big games that much more amazing. There’s everything in this simple golden box: the whole world to explore, the NPCs to let loose with cells with their editorial puzzles and beasts, the armory with fascinating weapons. It’s a deep game and has proven to be the template for many future Zelda games, along with numerous narrative RPGs. Best of all, it holds up regardless.

Super Mario Bros 3

super mario

There is probably no game character more famous than Mario; the skilled craftsman has been Nintendo’s most important material for thirty years. Mario replicas are numerous among the most popular sports franchises in history.

SMB3 consists of several small details that turn the equation from its ancestors into something truly fantastic. Instead of direct movement through characters, SMB3 introduced a map of the outside world and sees. Players can move and choose ranks, and get little bonus stages with little extras.