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Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

Oil paints are preferred by many because of their quality, versatility and color options. However, beginners might find it difficult to the use the paint because it takes longer to dry. This article will provide them with a guide that will help them learn and perfect their skills on oil paints. Read on

Start with a Small Canvas

oil colors, different colorsThe best way to start is through the use of small paintings. You can use boards of 8 by 10 inch. You could even start painting on paper. This gives you time and opportunity to learn and make mistakes. You can try different techniques without spending much. This way you will be safe even if it does not end up a long-term hobby.

Right Setting

The perfect setting for using oil paints is a well-ventilated room in a restricted area so that you can leave your supplies to dry without disturbing anyone. Painting from an open room, allows you to watch your paintings and create more ideas. Take responsibility for your paintings, and you will find yourself loving every bit of it and improving your skills better.

Professional Paints

Try to use professional paints; they usually have the highest amounts of pigment. Do not use student grade paints; they are the lowest in quality. To stand out in the painting career, you must use professional paint. Start with simple colors but add on a range of colors as you grow and gain more experience.

Use Quality Brushes

quality brushesThe quality of your brushes determines the quality of your paintings. To start with, get brushes of at least three sizes. Once you perfect your painting skills, you can now invest in a variety of brushes designed for oil paint. Brushes are available in synthetic and natural hair. Choose the type that pleases you most. The bristle brush is among the commonly used.

Maintain the Working Area

Majority of these oils are toxic and should not be eaten or absorbed in the skin. That said, it is important to keep your working space organized. Your paper towels, rags, paints and disposable palettes should be kept away from pets and children. If you are a newbie to oil painting, the above tips are meant for you. Follow them correctly, and you will perfect your skills in no time.