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Factors in Selecting a Family Movie

Family films are a great vehicle for spending time with your children, and there’s not much that can beat them when it comes to creating opportunities to build relationships, build family traditions, and family activities. While no two family movies are alike, the best ones seem to share some common traits. So, if you’re looking for the next “E.T.” or “Lego Movie” for your family, here are some alternative tips that can help you choose the perfect family movie to watch, buy or rent.

Select a Kid-Friendly Movie


A great family movie is appropriate for all family members, even the youngest. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your five-year-old has to know the story, or that your 11-year-old has to recognize and explain the deeper points of a picture in terms of human encounters.

However, they need to be able to enjoy the film on some level. Young children probably can’t understand much of the narrative, but they may enjoy watching other children sing and dance.

Look for a Movie With Compelling Plot

Let’s face it, even at 80 years old, there’s nothing better than watching a great plot. The discerning viewer can get caught up in a film with a fascinating plot, and the arguments that can arise after the family’s first viewing of the film can elevate the viewer’s experience.

Enjoy the Every Moment


Among the most cherished memories, you’ll have in your family are those spontaneous recitations or repetitions of catchy lines and phrases from your family’s favorite movies, or those familiar performances of song and dance numbers you’ve seen a dozen times.

Understand by heart, or those tearful minutes when the whole family cried together before that movie lit up and left everyone laughing, smiling or clapping at the end.